Something about time
- You look so much thinner ! - Thanks, I had my appendix removed . . .
Watching TV with my girlfriend. Her dog watching us.
Is that hell or ultimate judgement day?
Positive thought for the day. When you feel that nobody loves you ask yourself... Am I too sexy ?
Is it hot outside ?
Student loans. This lady would like a cute one who is at least 21 and enjoys gardening
Happy Valentine's Day !
My neighbor on Halloween. Don't visit him, kids.
Never saw that coming. Be careful next time
I bet you don't want to be her next ex
Always look for her comfort
Oh baby, I'll listen to you. I'll listen to you all night.
Made Mr. Frosty happy
Now class, I'd like you all to welcome our guest speaker
Just wanted to help my friend. Told him: Look out ! Ice hole !
I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account, so I just go around announcing out loud what I'm doing at random times... I've got three followers so far but I think two are cops...
When I was a kid you didn't to say: Don't try this at home
He is irrational and he goes on and on. Wife of PI