Started to do my makeup. When I had it finally done, realised that in the meantime all my friends graduated from college, got married and have kids.
Food and entertainment
The misleading drawing
When a beauty blogger uses your bathroom
If you know my password, you know ALL my passwords
Look mom, I'm a tomato!
Let's play again with the bees!
He told me "Let's go climbing!". He told me "It will be fun".
Oh, it's that season of flowers and sunshine again!
This is the face of joy, everybody!
They asked me how the real love looks like, so I took this picture.
This place is so much fun
The "selfie" coach
Ready for school
Something about time
Dog? Nope. Haven't seen him.
That milk rocks
Ok, I'm ready. Bring in the fish!
What's that? I asked for a puppy.
Batman's Fun Ride